JAR Education’s Build/Fly holiday program is for girls and boys in Sydney NSW aged 8-13.












Like all JAR Education Programs, the BF-813 offers hands-on, stimulating project based learning opportunities for children who are excited about drones and modern technology.


Our focus is to provide fun, engaging, dynamic and relevant programs to children while enabling them for future industries.


Innovation and adventure - Children build their PYGMY, understand the safety requirements and then take to the sky.


“Stepping into the cockpit of an emerging field.”


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8:30        Check In - Registration

    Look out for our friendly Pilots and Engineers who will sign your child in for the day.


9:00        Systems Engineer – Lessons Start

               Children learn the components and build the PYGMY Drone


9:45        Safety Check

    Before becoming a pilot it’s important for the children to learn the rules and regulations of drones, then the sky is the limit.


10:05      Pilot Training

               Flight Training for the children to prepare to receive their wings.

11:00      Air Break

               Recess Break for children to gain some fresh air.

11:25      Power Up

               Building their very own DC motor, putting their systems engineering skills to the test.

12:05      Design Engineer – Mission Ready

               Design an obstacle course to challenge the other teams and their flying skills.

13:15      Refuel

               Lunch for the kids to be active outside and refuel for an afternoon of activities.

14:00      Gust of Wind

               Children will make their own glider and work together in a relay to fly around an obstacle course.

14:45      Drone Racing

               Putting the skills to the test, it’s time to see what the Micro Pilots can do.

15:15      Race Debrief

               Drones returned to the hanger and pilots receive their wings.

15:30      Check Out

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REGISTER: $180 per Child

excludes GST


Age 8-10 - 14/01/2019

Age 11-13 - 15/01/2019



University of New South Wales

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre

Ground Floor

Gate 2, High Street,

Kensington NSW 2033